I was something in the 60s but now I'm just sixty something.

Weed: Coming Soon to a Place Near You




Nine states have now legalized recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in 30 states. Pot is not really my thing so I am not all that excited about it except that I really don’t think smoking a doobie makes you a criminal. I’d rather see jail space reserved for bigger offenses and possibly politicians.  And I will admit that I was happy that my 90 year old father-in- law was given MaryJane milkshakes in his last days. It was partly to give him the munchies since he weighed an estimated 85 pounds in the end. It also helped with the pain and made the Grim Reaper staring him in the face look a lot more like Jesus. I see no reason to deny a saintly old man some physical and spiritual comfort. It was also a lot of fun to call the kids and hear their reaction when I told them, “Hey, Grampa’s doing weed.”

As for my own personal recreational use, I learned back in the sixties that it just puts me to sleep and I miss the party. But just for the hell of it, and because I live in Colorado, I thought it might be worth one more try just in case I’ve been missing out all these years. That, and unlike so many other things from my younger days, it’s still doable. I find it still puts me to sleep. Not a bad thing at this age. The trouble is that while in a marijuana induced sleep I forget to breathe and wake up gasping for breath. I wonder if any sleep centers have looked at grass snickerdoodles as a potential cause of sleep apnea?

What I am enjoying is all the cultural changes that come along with the legalization. I find it highly entertaining. It seems like only yesterday we were all shown clips from”Reefer Madness” in a campaign against any form of use. You remember. Marijuana today and heroin tomorrow. The product has been given a new dignity by losing all its adolescent nicknames and now goes by it’s formal name Cannabis. It has different strains. You can buy organic. It’s like you are buying wine only you will be asked what result you are looking for instead of what you are serving it with.

I opened up my morning newspaper the other day and it had one of those peel and stick attached advertisements on the front that cover up what you are trying to read. They really annoy the crap out of me. The stickies usually advertise useless information like mattress sales which everyone knows are always on sale. Only this one really got my eye. The world of advertising is changing!

Free product inside!


And senior discounts!


The landscape of the city is also beginning to change. Now along with your local bottle shop you can visit your local bud shop.










“Hey honey, don’t  forget to pick up some wine and weed for the weekend”


If you still think a B&B is a Bed and Breakfast then think again because it just might be a Bud and Breakfast. Yes, there really is such a thing and they are popping up all over. I read the other day that California is really going in big for cannabis hotels. Smoke free laws still apply so instead of smoking areas they now have toking areas. Usually these are just mom and pop places because international hospitality companies don’t want you to skip reading the fine print and consequently get put to death in a foreign country. That would be bad for business.

In another major market, let’s say your pastor decides he needs a new boat and siphons some money off the capital campaign fund to finance it. He explains to his devoted flock that the Lord spoke to him just like Jesse Duplantis. Should this cause you to lose the faith do not despair! You can find new heights in religious experiences at The International Church of Cannabis. They call themselves elevationists. I believe they celebrate a form of high mass.

I really haven’t noticed too much of a downside to this whole thing. I did have to stop going to my favorite pizza place because the staff was always stoned and kept fucking up my pizza. And then there was that time when the valets at a hotel opened their little “office” door and the smoke that poured out gave everyone within 50 yards a hit. I wasn’t so sure I wanted them parking my car. I have come to believe though that only a few of these employees were ever really sober on the job  since I read Kitchen Confidential.  However, legalization does take the guess work out of it.

One word of warning if the new, grown up cannabis plays your town… THIS SHIT IS STRONG! When the salesperson at the dispensary tells you to start with just half a cookie then start with half a cookie! It is not the marijuana of your youth. But it is still cash only.


How Hot Is it?

How hot is it? So hot I won’t go outside to play. So hot I made my husband buy a fan to help out the AC. So hot I am struggling to find cool (literally) things to do to enjoy the summer I waited for so patiently throughout the winter. So hot Jim Bridenstein is considering the possibility of climate change. So hot I am too lethargic to write anything. It was 105 in Denver this week. I know many of you are suffering under this heat dome the same way so I’ll just say it for you. IT’S TOO FUCKING HOT!!! There. One of my besties says we shouldn’t say “fuck” anymore now that we are old. She said we could pull it off when we were younger and cuter but now it is just kind of pathetic. I expect she’s right but I don’t care how it sounds when it’s 105.

So I have an alternative to writing a whole new post. Did you ever recycle a term paper when you were in school?  I reworked three on The Catcher in the Rye. One for English, one for adolescent psychology and one for a friend who was running out of time. I am already out of time for a June post so I am going to recycle a post from 2013. It’s another one of THOSE (insert word of your choice here) summers. You are all probably too hot to turn on your computer to read it anyway.

Just click on the link and read “Heat wave”.  Keep cool y’all!