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How Hot Is it?

on July 1, 2018

How hot is it? So hot I won’t go outside to play. So hot I made my husband buy a fan to help out the AC. So hot I am struggling to find cool (literally) things to do to enjoy the summer I waited for so patiently throughout the winter. So hot Jim Bridenstein is considering the possibility of climate change. So hot I am too lethargic to write anything. It was 105 in Denver this week. I know many of you are suffering under this heat dome the same way so I’ll just say it for you. IT’S TOO FUCKING HOT!!! There. One of my besties says we shouldn’t say “fuck” anymore now that we are old. She said we could pull it off when we were younger and cuter but now it is just kind of pathetic. I expect she’s right but I don’t care how it sounds when it’s 105.

So I have an alternative to writing a whole new post. Did you ever recycle a term paper when you were in school?  I reworked three on The Catcher in the Rye. One for English, one for adolescent psychology and one for a friend who was running out of time. I am already out of time for a June post so I am going to recycle a post from 2013. It’s another one of THOSE (insert word of your choice here) summers. You are all probably too hot to turn on your computer to read it anyway.

Just click on the link and read “Heat wave”.  Keep cool y’all!


2 responses to “How Hot Is it?

  1. RICHARD COLE says:

    Having skimmed the second (reprise), I can only respond that I grew up down Balltown Rd. with 5 brothers in one bedroom. The 3 girls had their own. Cool soon! E Sent from my iPhone


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